Kingdom Hearts III DLC in development

A month has passed since Kingdom Hearts III released to the delight of patient fans, and it's sold commendably. In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Tetsuya Nomura praised the game for performing better than he imagined. So well, in fact, he's got some DLC up his sleeve.

Kingdom Hearts III DLC in development
Kingdom Hearts III has been out for a month now, and the excitement was worth the wait. Now, game creator and director Tetsuya Nomura has a couple more reasons for fans to get excited over the coveted installment all through 2019.

In a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Nomura discussed future plans for the Kingdom Hearts III, including free and paid DLC. Free DLC will come in incremental updates the moment they are completed. The most important update of all is the Critical Mode difficulty level, which was previously reserved for the Final Mix versions of Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep; coded and Re:coded; and had to be unlocked in Dream Drop Distance and 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- under certain conditions.

Paid DLC, on the other hand, will come in the form of story expansions, which will give some details of the story that were left out of the main game, such as how one particular member managed to come back from the true Organization XIII, and more that we don't want to spoil.

The release date for the DLC hasn't been revealed, but Nomura wants to release them by the end of the year.

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