Kingdom Hearts 3 Receives New Trailer And Compilation

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been recently pushed to a January 29th, 2019 release date but has received yet another amazing trailer showing off even more gameplay. The trailer goes deep on a brand-new world and much more. There will also be a new compilation of the franchise coming soon.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Looks Incredible With New Trailer Showing Off More Gameplay!
Kingdom Hearts 3 is looking to be quite the compelling experience for fans of the franchise come early 2019. Another jaw-dropping trailer has dropped giving even more insight into the game and what it will bring to the table. There were multiple moments that stole the show overall.

One such moment came with the reveal of the return to the Pirates of the Caribbean world from Kingdom Hearts 2. The trailer showed off ship to ship combat alongside fighting Heartless underwater as well. It then went into other gameplay elements and pieces focused on Frozen and returning franchise characters as well.

The game will release worldwide January 29th, 2019. The title alongside the other franchise compilations will come packaged together as an option for fans.  

Kingdom Hearts III - E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer | PS4

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