Kingdom Hearts 3 Event Shows New Summon And Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be releasing this year much to the eager anticipation of its many fans garnered over the last 15 years. A recent press event showed off the first playable demo of the game. It also showed more of the worlds involved and a new summon to boot.

KH3 Shows Off First Gameplay Footage Including Wreck-It-Ralph!
Kingdom Hearts 3 is the next installment in the long-running franchise and the first numbered sequel since 2005's Kingdom Hearts 2. Square Enix has been careful to show off only a few images and trailers since the announcement of the game. Now fans finally have gameplay footage to tide them over until this year's E3 event which will hopefully bring with it an exact release date for the game as well.

The demo available at the recent press event included 2 separate levels. One was the Hercules level seen in trailers with Sora, Donald and Goofy fighting off the Rock Titan. It's here we see more of the Attraction Flow attack abilities present within the game. This ability allows Sora to summon in certain classic Disney park rides to fight his enemies. Alongside this mechanic is the return of a variation of flow-motion from Dream Drop Distance. This makes combat an acrobatic bonanza filed with multiple stylish flips, jumps, and attacks based upon your environment.

The real showstopper of the demo, however, was the new Toy Story world taking place within Andy's toy box and room. Both have been recreated so beautifully that one would think they are watching the film for the first time. Every detail down to Woody's floppy walk cycle and Buzz's more hard plastic like one make the game shine even more.

It's even possible to venture outside of Andy's room and see the neighborhood he lives complete with cars, concrete and trees. No load times here unlike the separate locations of worlds in past games.  It's clear Nomura and his team are doing everything they can to bring to life these different Pixar and Disney films.

Also included in the demo was the ability to summon in Wreck-It-Ralph. Although it's disappointing that we don't get a full world based on the film it's nice to see Ralph here in all of his 8-bit smashing glory. His design is verbatim what it was in the film and looks absolutely stunning with the already cutting-edge design of the game.

As stated previously a full release date has not been given but is expected to be revealed at Square Enix's press event at E3 2018. The innovation present not only within the gameplay but also the attention to detail in the design shows Square Enix and Nomura know exactly what they're doing with this title. Everything down to the plush details of certain toys compared to the hard plastic details of the dinosaur toys is a spectacle to behold truly for even the most avid of fans.  

KINGDOM HEARTS III new Premiere Gameplay 2018

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