King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Enters Early Access January 12th, 2021

The upcoming title is a mix of a roleplaying game and tactical strategy, and will hopefully bridge that gap while bringing Arthurian legend to life. Featuring classic characters and a unique storyline, fans will be able to get in on the action next month.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Enters Early Access January 12th, 2021NeocoreGames announced today that their upcoming roleplaying/tactics game will be entering Steam Early Access on January 12, 2021. This comes after the successful Kickstarter campaign that ended up achieving 135% of its fundraising goal. The support of the fundraising campaign also means that developers will be adding a new character class, “Sage”, as well as implementing PvP battle gameplay.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will enter Steam Early Access on January 12, 2021, with a full release on PC, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5 sometime next year.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale | Announcement Trailer

In our previous coverage of the title, we mentioned that a large feature would be an evolving experience based on the decisions players make. Things are still on track to bring that vision to life, and now interested players can get in on the action and see it all come together firsthand starting next month.

Keep an eye on KeenGamer for ongoing coverage of this highly anticipated title. NeocoreGames has also set up a Discord Server for players to get updates and chat with the developers.

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