Kickstarter launched for Survival VR Horror Organ Quarter

Outer Brain launch Kickstarter for VR horror title Organ Quarter. Includes trailer showing new locations, enemies and weapons.

Kickstarter launched for Survival VR Horror Organ Quarter

Delray Beach, FL, February 7, 2017

Outer Brain Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their VR survival horror experience ORGAN QUARTER. The Kickstarter campaign features 9 pledge tiers and is asking for $6,500, primarily to fund the developers’ living costs for the development period.

The Kickstarter wraps on 9 March and the team are targeting July 2017 for the final game’s launch.

Organ Quarter is a VR survival horror adventure. Its pre-alpha demo currently has a 94% overall rating on Steam (‘Very Positive’). The game is focused on capturing what made survival horror great: labyrinthine environments, resource management and well-balanced puzzling. We'd love to pay homage to the slow, methodical survival horror experiences of the '90s – this includes building a compelling world and universe as well as making a great adventure.

The game is being designed to leverage hand-tracked and room-scale VR to provide the most intense and unsettling experience possible. 

"We’re going to bring horror into the realm of the intimate. Horror in your personal space, as well as in the world outside."

New trailer

The new trailer introduces players to new environments, weapons, monsters and characters. These include Dr Alset, the masked man who narrates the trailer and introduces the experience, and the new City environment, where players will explore a large space full of side content and secrets (also sprinkled with roaming enemies!)  

The VR Kickstarter trailer for Organ Quarter:

Organ Quarter VR Kickstarter Trailer

Organ Quarter is currently for HTC Vive only but coming to Oculus Rift (w/ Touch) and non-VR in future.

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