Kickstarter campaign for The Path To Die starts this May

Cat Logic Games presents its first title, The Path To Die. The game's crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will start this May. Check the pre-Kickstarter trailer inside.

Kickstarter campaign for The Path To Die starts this May

Based in the Feudal Japan and represented with a colorful and detailed pixel art, The Path To Die puts players in control of a Samurai in an adventure with action, exploration and survival with no limits.

The pre-Kickstarter trailer for The Path To Die:

The Path To Die: Pre-Kickstarter Trailer

Quality improvement thanks to Kickstarter

Cat Logic Games, a small indie studio from Barcelona, seeks funding on Kickstarter from the first fortnight of May. Although the development of the game is already in an advanced stage, the studio will try to get the needed funding to improve the game: reaching their goal would allow them to get a BSO on par with their art design, one of the most original and destacable characteristics of The Path To Die. Apart from the launch on Steam where the game has passed Greenlight, the team wants to publish the game on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The developers also plan to use part of the funding to translate the game to more languages.

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