Kerbal Space Program 2 Shifts to New Studio

Kerbal Space Program 2 got announced last year and was scheduled for a release window of early 2020. Now, Take-Two had moved development to a new, unnamed studio in Seattle that will be under publishing company Private Division, with some of the same people from the Star Theory team.

Kerbal Space Program 2 logo (Credit: Private Division)

After getting acquired in 2017, Take-Two has decided to move development on Kerbal Space Program 2 to a new, unnamed studio. The new team behind the sequel to the space flight simulator will work under the publisher Private Division.

Some “key members” will transfer over to this mysterious new developer from the old team at Star Theory. Studio head Jeremy Ables, creative director Nate Simpson, and lead producer Nate Robinson are some of the names that will continue working on KSP2. Even with people coming over, the new studio needs more workers as a job listing indicates. It not only reveals that a KSP community manager, 3D artist, and other positions are required, it shows that this will take place in Seattle, Washington, which is not far from Star Theory’s base in Bellevue, 10 miles away from the new center for development.

A representative of Private Division spoke to VGC about the purpose of this recent move.

“The decision to open our own studio and move development in-house allows us to provide the development team with the necessary time and resources to complete development of KSP 2 at the quality level we all want to deliver our players,” the rep said. “Our goal—and the goal of our developers—is to provide our community with the highest level gaming experience with Kerbal Space Program 2.”

No word as of yet has come from Take-Two about what will happen to Star Theory from this recent development in the production of KSP 2. The studio, formerly named Uber Entertainment, has been responsible for games like 2010’s Monday Night Combat and 2016’s Wayward Sky.

Kerbal Space Program released on Steam early access in 2013 and made its full launch date in 2015. The game went on to commercial and critical success. You can check out what we thought in our Kerbal Space Program review.

The sequel has no scheduled release date yet.

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