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Keiji Okayasu to Return for Shenmue 3

It has been announced that Keiji Okayasu - a sub-director on Shenmue and Shenmue 2 - will be returning to his position to work on Shenmue 3. Okayasu stated that "Shenmue 3 is underway, and I have just recently joined the team".

Keiji Okayasu, the Sub-Director of Shenmue 3
Shenmue 3 developer Ys Net has gained another pair of hands to help craft their crowdfunded project.  In a recent Kickstarter update, it was revealed that Keiji Okayasu would be working with Ys Net on the development of this new game.  

Okayasu previously worked as a sub-director alongside Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki, helping to direct both the original Shenmue and Shenmue 2.  He departed Suzuki's team partway through Shenmue 2's development in order to start his own game development company, studiofake.

Okayasu spoke on his addition to the team, and his intent when he begins work in earnest:

"Shenmue 3 is underway, and I have just recently joined the team.  I thought I would be just another fan waiting eagerly for the release, but as it is, I get to once again be a part of the team.  Of course I want to help finish the game, and do it so the fans will be satisfied.  That means making it interesting for everyone who played 1 & 2, and everyone who will be experiencing Shenmue for the first time."

Shenmue 3 successfully gained over $6.3 million during its Kickstarter campaign last year.  It is set to release internationally in December 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

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