Keep Ahead of the Sun in Unforgiving MMO, Last Oasis

After Earth succumbs to a devastating catastrophe that sees the world divided between fire and ice, it’s our job to survive, but what lies ahead will not be easy to overcome. Travelling around in a mobile base and with resources running low, we will have to find other ways to survive in this unforgiving MMO.

Keep Ahead of the Sun in Unforgiving MMO Last Oasis

Last Oasis is a nomadic MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world where survival plays a prominent role. Construct a mobile base to take you across the sands and frozen wastes, join a clan to fight for territory, but keep an eye on your supplies. Resources deplete quickly and so you will have to scavenge, pirate, and trade with other players in order to survive.


Following a devastating event that stopped the Earth’s rotation, the planet divided into two deadly environments: one is a raging inferno of sand, and the other a frozen expanse of ice. Only the lands between the two extremes can now support life. This line moves as the Earth continues to orbit the sun, so to survive, the remaining inhabitants find themselves having to move with it. To move quickly, humanity created Walkers, machines required to live, and a walking city named the Flotilla.

Players can fly through the treetops using a grappling hook.

Players can fly through the treetops using a grappling hook.


Walkers: A Walker is a ‘wooden, wind-powered machine’, in which the player makes their mobile base. These bases can be adapted, personalised, and upgraded.

The Scorching Sun: Nomads must keep moving ahead of the sun, exploring new territories towards the east where the Earth lays frozen.

Trade Networks: With resources depleting fast, one option is to trade with other players for your supplies, but be careful when out hunting for resources to trade: jeopardise another clan’s operation, and you may find yourself as their next victim.

No Offline Raiding: The Wasteland in which we find ourselves fighting for survival is a dangerous, deadly place to be, but when you log off, your Walker and your belongings will be safe.

Melee and Walker Combat: Players will be offered a range of weaponry to fight with, including your Walkers which can be upgraded and customised with ranged weapons.

Last Oasis - Steam Announcement Trailer

Bases: As well as mobile bases, we can build portable or permanent bases to protect ourselves from other players and the environment.

Solo Players: There will be equal opportunities for clans and solo players, with niches that are better suited to solo play.

Clans: Last Oasis offers the chance to create a clan and expand your territory to reap the benefits of the local resources, but enemy clans can challenge your control and take everything if you’re not well protected.

Grappling Hook: Each nomad is given their own grappling hook to swing through forests quickly and navigate the treetops with ease.

Sandworm: Sandworms are roaming creatures that pose one of the biggest challenges to players. They lock on to Walkers that wander too close and attack with ferocity. To defeat them, nomadic hunters must work together to bring it down. These creatures also carry the rarest resource in the Wasteland: fermented cacti.

Last Oasis will be available on PC (Steam), currently set for release in March.

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