KeenGamer March Giveaways #1

Fancy becoming a president for a few hours? Maybe programming bots is your cup of tea? In any case, we encourage you to check our first batch of March giveaways below!

KeenGamer March Giveaways #1. Realpolitiks Giveaway

realpolitiks giveaway

It is never too late to become a president! Don't let your political dreams be dreams! Hours spent in Realpolitiks will prove how good of a politician you are! Grow and develop your nation to the highest possible levels of economic power, technological competitiveness and military supremacy in globally-ranked charts. The choice is yours as to whether you become a valued member of the United Nations, or a nuclear tyrant, bullying all those around you.

KeenGamer March Giveaways #1. Algo Bot Giveaway


Algo Bot is puzzle game that takes place deep inside the Europa, a pan-galactic colonisation ship, where a recycling mission goes horribly wrong. Use your algorithm special skills to command Algo Bot, a service droid, and help PAL, a cantankerous line manager, to contain the crisis.

As the player, you will take the role of the operator and use a visual programming language to issue a sequence of commands to Algo Bot.
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