Just Cause 4 Showcases Biomes In New Video

The developers of Just Cause 4, Avalanche Studios, have released a new video that details the different biomes in the upcoming title and how they will affect gameplay. This comes a week after the developers released an interactive map that saw players being able to explore the biomes for the first time.

Just Cause 4 Showcases Biomes In New Video
In the video, the first biome to be shown is the alpine biome that takes inspiration from the South American Andes, with gigantic mountains that make it such an ideal place to master the wingsuit. In addition, the area can be explored on a snowmobile or in the. However, when in this biome you must be prepared for dangerous blizzards that come without warning.

After this, you will get to see a sneak peek of the largest biome – the jungle. Unlike the alpine biome, gliding will be tough due to the dense forests and trees. Furthermore, you will have to deal with tropical thunderstorms meaning braveness alone will not keep you alive.

Just Cause 4: Tornado Gameplay Reveal [ESRB]
rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">which have actually been displayed in a previous trailer.

Finally, the desert biome that will throw death-dealing sandstorms your way making travel strenuous. Out of all four biomes, this seems to be the least interesting. But, Avalanche Studios have promised to keep you on your toes by placing "curiosities in all directions”.

Just Cause 4 is due to be released on December 4th 2018. If you haven't already, be sure to spend some time checking out the interactive map for the biomes

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