Jurassic World Evolution and Frontier News Round-Up

On October 7th 2017 developers, Frontier, hosted their first-ever Frontier Expo, bringing over 1,000 people from the Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution communities together for one massive event at London's Olympic Park.

Jurassic World Evolution and Frontier News Round-Up
At Gamescom in August 2017, Frontier, were proud to reveal Jurassic World Evolution to the world. At Frontier Expo, Game Director Mike Brookes, Lead Designer Andy Fletcher and Head of Animation Nick Rodgers revealed the first in-game footage and talked through some of the key game pillars and features.

Elite Dangerous News

Moreover, the developers also announced new updates for their popular Elite Dangerous. The 'free' Beyond series of updates is about narrative progression, enhancements and development of core gameplay features, and all-new features and content – the developers announced their will be two major Beyond updates.

The first major Beyond update will improve Engineering, guaranteeing that every upgrade will be an improvement on existing systems. Crime and Punishment will make system authorities respond to criminal actions in more meaningful ways. Also, trade data will be more informative. New Wing missions will give players more to do with friends. And, Elite Dangerous will look and sound even better with richer, more detailed planetary tech and all-new Audio Galnet so you can catch up on the galaxy’s news while you fly.

Planet Coaster Anniversary 

It’s been an incredible year for Planet Coaster, with over one million players, over 3.9 million hours played, 142,000 items on the Steam Workshop and enough rollercoaster track laid to circle the Earth 38.8 times. Watch the video infographic for the full crazy numbers:

Planet Coaster Anniversary Video - Frontier Expo 2017 - ESRB E

At FX17 the game's developers, announced Planet Coaster’s ANNIVERSARY UPDATE, coming this year to all Planet Coaster players for free. Planet Coaster’s 1.4 Anniversary Update follows the free Winter, Spring and Summer updates, adding new content, rides and features to Planet Coaster, as well as introducing one of the most-requested features from our community: the Scenario Editor.

Frontier will give players the tools to create their own custom scenarios and share them with the community through the Steam Workshop, creating an almost bottomless well of amazing new gameplay content every day direct from Planet Coaster’s incredible creative community. And, Management becomes more challenging with the all-new Staff Management building. Employees will need to take breaks and recharge, leaving their stations and closing up shops if nobody can cover their shift. Keeping staff happy and avoiding burnout is a new job for park managers, but Planet Coaster lets you toggle your staff’s energy bars off if you would rather just build for fun.

Going back to Jurassic World Evolution, the new exclusive first-look at the game can be viewed below:

First In-Game Footage - Jurassic World Evolution

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