Jurassic Park Retro Collection Announced by Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games has announced a special retro collection to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park. Contained within will be at least five classic games originally released for Nintendo systems, and possibly more surprises to be revealed. Details remain scarce, but more is to be revealed later this year.

Jurassic Park Retro Collection announced by Limited Run Games

Life finds a way, and so do these classic video games! As reported by Jurassic Outpost, and later corroborated by Limited Run Games, a retro collection of multiple Jurassic Park games is set to be released later this year. The hit movie series celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, bringing with it an array of merchandise. Among the movie screening, toys and pop-up events will be a handful of games sure to illicit nostalgia. By and large, a very nice surprise for people who grew up with these titles.

There’s not too much information to go on, and Limited Run Games promise more info this June. Even release platforms are unknown, although the possibility of a digital release has been rumoured. However, a teaser image posted on their Twitter gives us a fairly good idea at what games will be included in this bundle. It’s a humble, but entertaining selection for sure. Based on the image, it would seem that these are specifically the games published by the now-defunct Ocean Software. Included are Jurassic Park for NES, SNES and Game Boy, and Jurassic Park Part II: The Chaos Continues for SNES and Game Boy. 

It’s certainly a nice looking collection, though people have already voiced some slight dissent on the matter. For one, the absence of the various Sega versions of these games, often claimed to be the superior titles. Some even lament the lack of the infamous Jurassic Park: Trespasser. As bad as that game was, it was a ground-breaking game in terms of real-time physics within videogames. Of course, time will tell if Limited Run Games can get a hold of the rights to the missing titles. In the meantime however, we can eagerly await this as the dinosaur game of the year on the off-chance that Exoprimal doesn’t work out for Capcom.

In spite of the shortcomings with these retro games, and the fact last year’s Jurassic World: Dominion was a bit of a dud, it’s still nice to hear from this beloved series. And if retro doesn’t float your boat, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is set to receive some fun updates as well. We’ll be looking forward to hearing more from LRG and this collection in June. Perhaps this’ll be what it takes to finally get that Dino Crisis remake?

SOURCE: Jurassic Outpost’s coverage of Universal Press Release

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