Jump Rope Challenge Is A Cute Exercise Game Nintendo Just Released For Free

Nintendo aims to get gamers active with their latest surprise release called Jump Rope Challenge. A free to download game from the Nintendo Switch eShop, Jump Rope Challenge translates the act of using a skipping rope over to a pair of Joy-Con controllers, while being packaged in a healthy dose of classic Nintendo charm.

nintendo releases jump rope challenge cover

While it’s true that Nintendo is having a relatively slow year in terms of first-party releases, you can’t blame the publisher for not having a trick up their sleeves during a slow period like this. Or rather, in this case, a bunny in their hat. Jump Rope Challenge is a Nintendo developed game that randomly dropped on the Switch eShop today with no prior build-up or fanfare. The game is free, and therefore relatively simplistic, but it is still crazy to think that only some hours ago, we had never heard of Nintendo’s Jump Rope Challenge, which is now available for all Switch owners to play.

As the name suggests, Jump Rope Challenge is all about skipping. Literally, that’s all the game is about. You play as a cartoon bunny rabbit who hops along to your Joy-Con controller movements while racking up a score. The game encourages you to do 100 skips a day – however, your overall daily scores are also saved onto a calendar. There’s also a two-player mode that can get the competitive juices flowing over who can out-skip the other person.

Even though Jump Rope Challenge is far from deep – and you can technically cheat by simply waving your hands without jumping – there is still plenty of personality to the game. The background, sound effects, and costumes can all be changed to end up with some pretty weird results. And given most of the world is still in some form of lockdown, playing a free exercise game from home can help burn through some of that iso-belly that’s been building up (talking from experience).

My housemate was rightfully curious about where all the

My housemate was rightfully curious about where all the “meowing” was coming from.

Interestingly, the game will only be available to download until the end of September 2020. So, grab Jump Rope Challenge now in case it becomes one of those rare first-party Nintendo games that only ever sees a limited release.

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