Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Gets New Combat

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulator by indie developer Suncrash gets even better with the Alpha 11 update. New missions come into play with new combat goals, and a new loot system has been implemented to enhance gameplay for each mission type. Grab your bible and your shotgun, and jump into the thick of Armageddon!

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Gets New Combat
The demon-filled, end-of-the-world strategy gem Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulator lets players gather survivors, research occult technologies, and fight the unholy hordes of the underworld. Despite being in early access, this highly engaging title gets even more polish with the massive Alpha 11 update. But what's it got? Take a gander:

New Mission Types

Previously, all missions away from your home base resulted in a "Kill All Enemies" scenario, after which players would get a random amount of loot awarded via a pop-up screen. This has been changed to offer two new mission types, both of which should serve to enhance the strategic combat within the game. 

The first mission type is Scavenge, which requires players to scour a locale for loot-able containers, all the while either killing or evading the demonic hordes. This is a more satisfying system than was previously in place, as the amount of bounty you collect will directly depend on the thoroughness of your search.

The second new mission type is a reworking of the Rescue mission. A successful rescue mission will result in a new survivor to add to your posse, and it's now no longer automatically given once all enemies on the map are cleared. Instead, rescuers are barricaded in locations that players must gain access to. Once the rescuer is reached, players need to protect and guide that survivor off the map, fighting back all attackers.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Gets New Combat - You can now crouch behind cover effectively.

New Vision System

Another addition in the Alpha 11 update is the inclusion of a range of vision trait among both survivors and demons. No longer will demons automatically attack when they appear onscreen, but instead will attack only when a survivor passes into their field of view. Likewise, survivors have a range of sight that can be augmented by binoculars and increased stats. The higher the vision ability, the farther away demons can be spotted.

This new trait not only improves the strategic nature of the combat, but also makes the sneak option functional, as it's now possible to avoid combat by successfully evading an enemy's field of view.

New Survivor and Research Tree

If overhauled combat and loot systems weren't enough, Suncrash has given Judgment a new Priest survivor type. There are devout Priests who deal high damage to demons, but can take little, and corrupted ones that operate more or less opposite. Also, the Priest can perform various new tasks, such as offering the dying Last Rites, and burying the dead. The latter task also reveals the new graveyards, which can be used to conduct new occult rituals; but beware–they also attract demonic forces.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Gets New Combat - Behold the graveyard.

In addition to the new survivor type, a new branch of research has also been added to Judgment–Alchemy. This research offers players the opportunity to harvest new materials, make powerful equipment, and transform elements into different, rarer ones.

If you haven't given Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulator a play, then update Alpha 11 is a good incentive, as it brings the already fun and playable strategy title one step closer to perfect.

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