Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando take a stand in Jump Force

The main protagonist Jotaro Kujo, and antagonist Dio Brando of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, finally join the roster! Both of them enter the fight with their stands called Star Platinum and The World. They have been strongly hinted at or leaked to be in for awhile.

Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando take a stand in Jump Force
These may or may not be the end of the base Jump Force roster, but characters from the hit bizarre series called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, have finally been revealed in the new Western Shonen Jump issue. They are the protagonist Jotaro Kujo, and main villain Dio Brando from the third part of the series, Stardust Crusaders. These two are highly requested characters that missed out on the previous game J Stars Victory Vs, even though they were found in the data along with Dai. JoJo's was represented with Jotaro's grandfather Joseph Joestar, and Joseph's grandfather, Jonathan Joestar back in J Stars

One of the key differences between the previous two JoJo's reprepsentatives, is that Jotaro and Dio use their stands called Star Platinum and The World which are beings the summon that fight for them (similar to Personas from Persona, which was inspired from JoJo's). It seems like Jotaro's ultimate, may be a baragge of punches from Star Platinum and then followed by an uppercut. While Dio seems like he'll have iconic steamroller attack, that he used against Jotaro. These two stand users, will be playable with the rest of the roster when the game comes out in about two weeks!

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