Jack B. Nimble has received a big new update

Mobile title 'Jack B. Nimble' has received a big new update adding lots of new content to the game.

Jack B. Nimble has received a big new updateDeveloped by Sean Noonan, Jack B. Nimble is a side-scroller game released on IOS devices in 2014. The update is being treated as a new release with a new launch trailer even though it is being added as an update to their old game. You can buy the game from the itunes store. The launch trailer is below:

The update includes:

  • 6 unique new levels
  • Custom music for each level
  • 6 new characters
  • A big revamp to the games interface
  • Player selectable colour palettes
  • Hidden secrets to find

The description of the game says:

Jump in the shoes of Jack B. Nimble and master the whip in this cute, retro auto runner. Leap and dash across spooky hilltops, gothic cityscapes, dank dungeons and more! Whip candles to multiply your score, and use your environment to slow down and stay in control of the action; but watch out for obstacles that block your path! With a score system based on player accuracy and distance travelled, timing and skill are key to achieving a position atop the leaderboard. Are you nimble enough?

Are you looking forward to the new update? Feel free to let us know down in the comments below.

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