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Ishtar is Coming Soon to SMITE

Ishtar, SMITE's latest Goddess has been teased in a new cinematic trailer, revealing her visuals, her role and her release date. What will she bring to the battleground, and what game-changing abilities could be waiting around the corner? All will be revealed soon.

Ishtar is Coming Soon to SMITE

A short cinematic teaser reveals the latest Goddess in SMITE, Ishtar and her release date. The Goddess of Love and War will be coming to the battleground of the Gods in August 2022, so there’s not long to wait. She is from the Babylonian Pantheon, among Gods Tiamat and Gilgamesh and so she’ll likely bring some great in-game lore that explores this newer pantheon.

In SMITE, Ishtar will be a huntress. She attacks with a bow and arrow, which is common for the hunter class. From the trailer, her abilities seem to have a golden look with lightning accompanying it. As one of the most important Goddesses in the Babylonian Pantheon, it’ll be very interesting to see how this is translated into the game. It’s also exciting for players to see more Gods from this lesser-known pantheon.

We won’t have to wait much longer, however. With her arriving in August, her debut is nigh. Players should prepare to learn a new ADC who will likely fit into the duo lane in conquest. Are you excited to see Ishtar in SMITE? Now that the Stranger Things crossover has ended, it’ll be nice to see new content. Let us know down below, and if you haven’t already downloaded it, give SMITE a go, for free, available on all major platforms now.

SMITE - Ishtar Cinematic Teaser | The Goddess of Love and War

SOURCE: Official SMITE Twitter Account

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