Iron Tides released on Steam Early Access

Have you ever wanted to be a viking? Well now you can in the ruthless turn-based survival strategy Iron Tides which officially went into early access yesterday. Iron Tides, which is developed by CrashWaveGames, reached 172% of its kick starter goal with the support of over four 450 loyal backers prior to its early access release.

After its success in its Kickstarter, Iron Tides officially went into early access on Steam. CrashWaveGames, who are the developers of the early access game, have added many features to the game improving on its content.

Carina Kom, who is the co-founder and executive producer of the Iron Tides, says "Iron Tides is a turn-based tactics game born from the quaint satisfaction of dice and paper prototyping. We've sought to engage with our community at each milestone, and are proud to unveil an experience that will leave you thinking like a Viking chieftain."

Over one hundred new battlefields have been added to the game – as well as 8 – 15 hours of gameplay in a harsh Nordic seafarer world. In addition, the game can generate different sea conditions which force the player to sail the best possible course. Four new characters have been launched (with a fifth soon to come) and eleven achievements to prove whether you are a worthy viking!

Iron Tides is now available on Steam at generous 15% discount. The gameplay trailer for the game can be watched below:

Iron Tides Gameplay Trailer

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