IO Interactive to bring completely new content for Hitman

The Hitman developer IO Interactive announced some novelties for their latest Hitman game. Following general updates, the teaser was framed as something big and worth marking October, 24th on the calendar. It will not be Season 2 — at least just yet.

IO Interactive to bring completely new content for Hitman
Apart from that, Hitman will receive a small renovation next week already: on October, 13th ten new contracts arrive in the game, as well as five new challenges and one unlockable item. The big announcement may or may not be related to featured player-curated contracts; in any case, these will be included in the game later this month as well.

The players-curated contracts feature was introduced in August. A chosen member of the community goes throw a list of contracts submitted by others and makes a list, suggested to play regularly each month.

Hitman was entirely released in January 2017 in and stood out in the series with its episodic model — hence the upfront 'season' clarification made in IOI's blog. We will keep our eyes on news for further updates. 

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