Interview with Scream: The Video Game Lead Developer

We just spoke to Brandon David Santos, lead developer behind the newly-announced Scream: The Video Game, and asked him some questions regarding the development of the game. He came back with some interesting answers, read on to find out more about Ghostface's first major venture into the gaming market!

Interview with Scream: The Video Game Lead Developer
With the recent announcement of Scream: The Video Game being in early development, I was excited to get to talk to Lead Developer Brandon David Santos, who told us some information about the game and its intentions. Read on below to find the transcript of our interview, including details of gameplay, the drive behind the project and details on when we can expect more from the developers.

Keengamer: So Brandon, Scream: The Video Game really seems like a passion project. What would you say were the driving factors behind the decision to develop this project?

Brandon: As a lifelong fan of the late Wes Craven, I wanted to do something in memory of him; something that he would've wanted. Since the release of Scream 4 back in 2011, Wes had payed more attention to Scream more than he ever did. And that's what caught my attention. His love for horror and fear is really what inspired me as a creator to start this project.

KG: Craven was definitely hugely influential in the horror world, which I think makes this project so interesting in that it hasn't truly been explored before. Would it be correct to say this game is as much of a game for the fans like yourself as it is for the general horror market?

B: Most definitely. I think making it as developers is as exciting as playing it as a gamer. Fan or not, this will be a game people are going to love for years to come.

KG: Longevity is something that people are concerned with nowadays in gaming, people don't want to buy a game that will become boring within a month. How do you intend to keep the game fresh and interesting a year or so down the line?

B: New content monthly, everything is randomized, and a story that will be sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

KG: Speaking of a story, its becoming rarer and rarer that a game delivers a great campaign. What sort of experience are you aiming to deliver to gamers?

B: The game is meant to psychologically profile you and get to know you better. That way it knows who you really are. The story and choices within the game can change drastically based on your psyche. In other words, the game will play you more than you play it. We were inspired by Silent Hill to incorporate this feature into our game.

KG: That definitely sounds like an interesting way to offer your own spin on the usual format. On that topic, The a-symmetrical survival horror market has been slowly gaining popularity over the last few years, with F13 The Game and Dead by Daylight gathering large fan bases, how else would you intend to individualize yourself from these other titles?

B: By incorporating real-life survival skills, "what-if" scenarios, and other features that require the player to think before he/she acts. Most games, such as F13 or DBD, don't use these type of features and offer a simplistic gameplay. Ours is much different.

KG: So what is the situation with the rights for the game? How far have you delved into attaining permissions for the games from all the respective parties?

B: I am working with R.J. Torbert, the creator of the Ghostface mask and costume. But, I still have to negotiate with Dimension Films and their respective affiliates as well. Think of it like how Friday the 13th: The Game started out, as a fan project. Slowly but surely, Illfonic and Gun Media gained the rights to make their game. Same thing is happening here.

KG: So you've shown off a couple of in-engine renders of environments within the game, how do you intend to create an atmosphere that will match the gameplay?

B: Limited resources, unique skills and abilities, and ever-changing surroundings. Scream is all about realism, and so is this game.

KG: When you say ever-changing surroundings, would we expect to see various locations from the movies, or would you be open to creating your own locations further down the line?

B: The game will be open-world. Players will have the freedom to explore the 4 main locations of the Scream franchise: Woodsboro, Windsor College, Hollywood, and Lakewood. We may or may not add a build-a-map feature, we have to see how our original plans turn out first.

KG: So when you speak of open world, how would this play out story-wise for the single player? and how would you intend to handle multiplayer gameplay

B: Actions in single player will affect the gameplay in multiplayer, and vice versa. We intend this to play out similar to how it does in AAA games, such as Grand Theft Auto or Fallout, where the player(s) can no longer enter or visit certain locations.

KG: So how would you intend to execute the multiplayer component of the game? Are you aiming to emulate a killer vs survivors style of gameplay or are you aiming for something different?

B: Asymmetrical, similar to other horror games. Scream Online is what we like to call it. It comes in two parts: "Play With Strangers" (public match) and "Die With Friends". (private party). One player is the Killer and the others are Survivors. Not just any Killers or Survivors, ones from the franchise. The part of the franchise where you're from is where you start the game. You also have Traits, which limit or extend your abilities.

KG: Interesting, so the premise of the multiplayer gameplay would be to survive and escape? Or do you intend something different with the experience?

B: Survive and find a way to escape. Like I said earlier, you have limited resources and abilities. Which make it harder for you to escape.

KG: Sounds great! I can't wait to see more of the development. Finally, is there anything you'd like to say directly to the fans and prospective players of your game?

B: If you love Scream, horror, or even if you don't – you need to try this game. The Kickstarter begins February 14th, 2018 and our goal is $500,000. If anyone from Dimension Films, Miramax, or MTV is reading this, or even if you just want to help out with the game – it desperately needs your support, email me at [email protected] with any inquiries. We are going to need all the help we can get if we want this game to be  a reality. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Scream: The Video Game sounds like it could indeed be a unique and interesting horror experience that could bring a new gameplay style to the asymmetrical survival horror genre. Check out the game on their official Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to keep locked into Keengamer for more information on Scream: The Video Game along with the all the latest updates in the gaming industry.

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