Insomniac Games Wants to Bring Sunset Overdrive to PC

Insomniac wants a shot at both porting Sunset Overdrive to PC as well as developing a sequel, but the waters are a bit murky

Insomniac's first big next-gen exclusive may be getting a PC port or sequel in the future
Insomniac Games has had a history of wanting to own the IPs they create, which lead to the development of both "Fuze" and "Sunset Overdrive." In the latter's case however, they effectively agreed to keep the title as an Xbox One exclusive in exchange for keeping the IP under their control. However in the past week, the developer has stated multiple times that they'd like to bring the game to PC, but that "the ball is in Xbox's court on it." A port of an Xbox exclusive launch title for PC isn't exactly a new thing however, as both "Ryse" and "Dead Rising 3" made the jump. It'd also solidify Microsoft and Xbox's visions as a consumer friendly gaming platform by allowing players on both devices to access the same library of games.

All that said, porting Sunset Overdrive might be a bit much at the moment, as the team is currently working on a grand total of four titles simultaneously including the Spider-Man PS4 exclusive and several Oculus Rift games. Something that might be a bit more feasible in the future is putting together a sequel to "Sunset Overdrive," and similar to the PC port they've expressed a desire to work on that kind of project. It's admirable that a studio that has its hands so full is wanting to bring their games to a new audience as well as advance on their previous games, but it's likely we won't see either for a while considering just how much work will likely have to be done before other projects can be realistically considered.

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