Insomnia: The Ark Gets A Release Date

Insomnia: The Ark is the result of eight long years of hard work from the ten-man team at Studio Mono. It is inspired by the original two Fallout games, has strong Bioshock overtones, has been praised by many a gaming exec at events worldwide and, in the humble opinion of this writer - is a sleeper hit in the waiting. The PC exclusive title now has a release date and the good news is it’ll be available on Steam really soon.

Insomnia: The Ark now has a Steam release date of September 27th and available for download at $29.99. For readers just tuning in, Insomnia: The Ark is set on a massive space station called Object 6. Its mission – to float into the depths of space in search of humanity’s new home. With the fate of the human race on the line, it will be up to the player to navigate the station’s laws and politics, concluding with one of twelve possible endings. 

The player wakes up late from a deep cryosleep to find themselves immersed in a boiling pot of political uprising. Leaving it up to the player to forge their own path, Studio Mono have developed the game in such a way that players will experience the story in their own personal order. The Russian team have laboured for eight long years to deliver a game that offers 70 unique locations, over 200,000 words of spoken dialogue, a techno dieselpunk score and plenty of exploration to boot. As the icing on the cake, players who buy into the deep and violent sci-fi world of Insomnia: The Ark will be treated to free DLC later down the line, as the devs continue support it post-launch. 

In the last few months, Russian game development really seems to be making a name for itself as recently, the astonishing Atomic Heart was also revealed, developed by Russian team Mundfish. Both Insomnia: The Ark and the upcoming Atomic Heart look like fantastic titles, developed by small teams who can’t afford the marketing clout of the major players out there. Don’t get distracted by the massive AAA publisher machine while these gems (hopefully gems) pass you by. 

KeenGamer will reach out to Studio Mono for a review code so stay tuned for an Insomnia: The Ark review where we hope to deliver good news. For now, if you're just learning about this exciting title, check out our original coverage to learn more details on this deep RPG experience.


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