Insomnia: The Ark Dazzles With New Trailer

Insomnia: The Ark is a real Kickstarter success story and game developer, Studio Mono has today proven it with the release of an impressive trailer. It shows off the richly realised game world the team has worked tirelessly on for the last nine years. The trailer also evokes memories of the likes of Bioshock and Dishonored which can only be a good thing.

Insomnia: The Ark Dazzles WIth New Trailer

Here’s why you need to be aware of Insomnia so you can keep a beady eye out, closer to its release later this year. 

Insomnia: The Ark’s developer, Studio Mono is the second developer from Russia to land a surprise in our laps out of the blue. Recently, we reported on Atomic Heart which, like Insomnia, displayed a Russian team bursting with creative ideas and original approach to world design. In Insomnia, the player will awaken from a deep cryosleep on Object 6. A great floating space station, filled with political tension and dread. 

Insomnia: The Ark Dazzles WIth New Trailer - Marketplace

As the player begins to explore its industrial, gloomy passages, we’ll soon learn waking up in the middle of a terrorist uprising is the least of our troubles. Hunger, thirst, fatigue and hostile environments await the player as the explore the confines of the massive Object 6. Unexpected questlines can be uncovered by more curious players looking to delve deeper into Insomnia’s rich lore. 

Insomnia: The Ark Dazzles WIth New Trailer - Space religion!

In a recent press release, KeenGamer has learned that Insomnia will offer a deep story in conjunction with classic RPG tropes. Develop your character, explore Object 6’s many hallways for looting galore and discover all manner of weird and wonderful characters. A developer who worked on Dragon Age, Mike Laidlaw states “The setting hooked me instantly, and with plenty of skills to deploy, crafting options to tinker with, and a motley cast of characters to meet, I can't wait to play more.”

Insomnia also boasts a non linear story. This is something we saw recently with Far Cry 5, so expect the same loose story from start to finish but varying ways to get through it dependant on player choice. 

Insomnia: The Ark Dazzles WIth New Trailer - Real time combat

After the trailer reveal, it’s impressive to see just what a rich universe has been created here. Similar to Bioshock, the massive space station on which the game is set has clearly seen better days. Its gritty environments tell a story of sharp decline. Man made apocalyptic landscapes lie in wait for the player as well as a moody and dark jazz soundtrack to compliment the game’s dieselpunk aesthetic. 

Insomnia: The Ark is expected to release late 2018, exclusively for the PC. 

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