Inscryption is Coming to PS4 and PS5

Inscryprion is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 sometime in the near future. It will take advantage of the DualSense specs by having atmospheric lighting, characters talking through the speaker, and use of haptic feedback for some of the more gruesome affairs.

Inscryption is Coming to PS4 and PS5

Inscryption is coming to Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5 according to a blog post on the PlayStation Blog written by the game’s creator, Daniel Mullens. The post revealed that the game would be coming to Playstation consoles with some new features. Originally, the game was released for PC back in 2021 and most recently on Mac and Linux. 

In Mullens own words, Inscryption is “part deck-building roguelike, part escape-room puzzler and part psychological horror.” The game opens with the player sat down, trapped in a cabin with a dark figure with glowing eyes known as Leshy. The player must best this sadistic figure at a card game by building their deck bigger and stronger. This is done through  “drafting, surgery, even self-mutilation.” 

During the breaks between the games, the player has the opportunity to get up and examine the surroundings of the cabin. You must collect clues and solve puzzles as it quickly becomes clear there is more to all this than just a simple card game. 

There are a handful of new perks coming to the console that take advantage of the features of the DualSense controllers. For one, your faithful Sloat companion card will speak out of the speakers of the controller. There will also be atmospheric lighting for those who want to play in the dark. Lastly, Inscryption will take advantage of haptic feedback to enhance every “grisly action”.

Inscryption will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 sometime in the near future. An official release date has not been revealed yet. 

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog

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