Injustice 2 – What We Know and What We Want to Know

What the trailers show about Injustice 2 and what we can't wait to see? Check it out, there are a lot of things to debate!

Supergirl from #injustice2

Injustice 2 was revealed a short time ago, on the 8th of June for PS4 and XBox One to be released in 2017 and anticipation is already going though the roof.

From the trailers that have been released we have gathered a few fun facts regarding what to expect from NetherRealm Studios latest super powered combat masterpiece.

The more you fight the more you boosts your stats. This time around, victory influences your gear and how your combatants aesthetically appear. As well as the standard leveling up, an Armor/Equipment level up system will also be in place. Let’s face it, the Justice League are already powerful enough, what’s left to improve? Through this style of personalised Superhero customisation, you’ll be able to opt how you increase your build, focusing on health, speed, endurance etc. and you will have creative control to manifest your version of your super idol. In the announcement trailer the more knocks they take, the cooler they get. Even if you lose in battle, you’ll still come back stronger.

#Batman armour from #injustice2
On Twitter, Ed Boon posted a poll where fans can vote on who’d they’d like to see on the game screen: Swamp Thing, Captain Cold or Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle is currently the fan favourite to be included but keep your eyes open for more polls to have your say on who makes the roster.

Gameplay will follow many of the same concepts established in the first installement. There will be no “Fatalities” as such though every hero will have a unique over-powering finisher. Push your opponent to the edge of the battleground and you can knock them through the enviroment for extra damage and nifty cutscenes. Even stages will be usable to bash your foe with throwables and explosives.

#Batman beating Aquaman from #Injustice2
This sequel includes a wider cast of heroes and villains. Supergirl had an appearence in the announcing trailer, sporting her logo from the New 52 Universe. Also confirmed are Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta and Atrocitus. Who else will join the list of fighters? Will we see all the old familiar faces we met in the first game or will there be cuts? There has been no footage, thus far, of Wonder Woman at all.

#Atrocitus from #Injustice2
The first game explored an alternate parallel Earth with darker shades of DC characters and in an Interview Ed Boon and Geoff Johns stated that the story will continue from where the first left off. However, will this new game delve further into the multiverse?What do you want to know about this gaming gem? Who do you want to see pounding red lanterns to a pulp? There are still so many questions regarding how this new adventure will manifest but for now it’s safe to say that this game will thrill hero buffs and combat connoisseurs everywhere.

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