Infinite Desolation has new trailer and update

Can you survive? The demo for Infinite Desolation has been updated with extra content alongside a new gameplay trailer showcasing these added features.
Infinite Desolation has new trailer and update
Far-Flung Games has updated the demo for Infinite Desolation with new content. The game will be released on Steam Early Access in the near future, but in the meantime, you can download the demo on gamejolt. You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

The updated demo includes:
  • Overhauled visuals
  • New gameplay mode called Speedrun
  • And more

About the game, developer Far-Flung Games wrote:

Infinite Desolation challenges you to stay alive in a constant battle against hordes of tenacious creatures and robotic enemies. To even the odds, you will build up a pretty impressive arsenal of weapons, crafted items and special abilities as you level up, explore the environment and complete missions. Features include deep character progression, exploration and looting, crafting, day-night cycles, environmental hazards, classic survival mechanics and world-jumping portals. The one thing you can be sure of, is that everything here will try to kill you! You have been warned!

Will you be playing the updated demo for Infinite Desolation? Feel free to let us know down in thge comments.

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