Indie game to connect loved ones releases today

Inspired by his grandfathers death, an Indie developer is releasing Evangeline, a free game for PC that is designed to connect loved ones while there is still time.

Indie game to connect loved ones releases todayRaconteur Games are releasing their second game for PC today titled 'Evangeline'. Evangeline is a short first person narrative game that aims to explore the themes of love, loss and grief.

Nicholas Laborde, the CEO of Raconteur, said that he was inspired to create the game after his grandfather passed away in April 2016. In Evangeline, players are guided by the appearance of colours, and must explore the world to piece together the narrative.

Nicholas Laborde stated:

2016 was a rough year for everyone, including for us here in Louisiana with the flooding, and for me personally – the loss of my grandfather. Evangeline is a very personal experience about putting more love and kindness into the world and appreciating our loved ones as we enter a new year with new challenges.

The game is free to download for PC on the games website. The developer have given the option to pay what you think your experience was worth after finishing the game.

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