Incineroar, Ken, and More Announced for next Smash Bros.

The roster grows larger! The latest Nintendo Direct video showcased a ton of new features coming to the game as well as the final two characters to be added to the base fighter list. Ken from Street Fighter and Incineroar from the world of Pokemon will be joining the massive brawler.

Incineroar, Ken Masters, & More Announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is shaping up to be one of grandest gaming experiences of 2018. And if Nintendo's November 1st Direct is anything to go off of, players will have more content to explore than they know what to do with.

The update on what's to come began by announcing two new fighters: Ken Masters from Street Fighter and Incineroar from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Incineroar & Ken Official Reveal Trailer

This Direct comes after the supposed leak last week that listed the remaining fighters to be unveiled. Ken was included in that leak, along with Banjo & Kazooie, Shadow the Hedgehog, Geno from Super Mario RPG, and many others. However, only Ken seems to have been true.

Masahiro Sakurai, the game's director and host of this particular Direct, stated there will be 5 DLC packs released next year. Each will have a fighter, stage, and music piece, though he made sure to state that they haven't decided the contents for any of them and that these two are the last that will be added to the base game. This more than likely means the leak was fake. Each DLC pack will be $5.99, or you could purchase the Fighter's Pack to eventually get access to all of them for $24.99. Sakurai also clarified that players will start out with the eight fighters from the original game and unlock everyone else.

But there was one more surprise fighter who will be available as free DLC for players who pre-purchase the game. Piranha Plant from the Super Mario Bros. series will surprisingly be coming to Smash.

Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Reveal Trailer (Petey Piranha Final Smash!)

New fighters were far from the only announcements seen in the video. Sakurai also took time to showcase new features like Spirits, which can beef up your fighters, how online play will work, a new Adventure mode that was sadly missing from the last game, and a whole lot more. You can, and should, watch the full Direct below.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 11.1.2018

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