Hunt: Showdown Game Details To Be Showcased At E3

Crytek's new game Hunt: Showdown to show gameplay at upcoming E3 show. The game will be a PvP monster hunter where the key is to avoid being the hunted.

Hunt: Showdown Game Details To Be Showcased At E3
Game developer Crytek, known for the Crysis franchise, just announced that we will see more from their new game Hunt: Showdown at this upcoming E3. The new IP is a new PvP monster hunter and gameplay is officially confirmed to make a debut at gaming's greatest annual show in just a little over a week. There is much mystery surrounding this new game and the destined platforms are also unknown at this point. Check out the brief trailer below.

Clouded in mystery, the video description says the following,

When two hunters risk everything
And evil waits unseen
The hunter becomes the hunted

Stay tuned for more details on this new game. In the meantime, let us know what your thoughts are for this game in the comments below.

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Reminds me of bloodborne. Curious to see how this one turns out.

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