Humble Bundle Raises $6.5 Million For COVID-19 Charities

Recently, Humble Bundle released the "Conquer COVID-19 Bundle", with all proceeds going to major medical charities like Doctors Without Borders. Humble has announced that they have raised $6.5 million and will be donating that money to the fight against the global pandemic.

Humble Bundle Raises $6.5 Million For COVID-19 Charities

According to a blog post by Humble Bundle, the “Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle” charity package was a rousing success. The bundle, including games such as Undertale and Lego Batman 3, raised $6.5 million for a number of charities. Charities include Direct Relief, Partners in Health, the International Rescue Committee and Doctors Without Borders. With over 200,000 bundles sold, gamers got a great deal on games and put money towards a worthwhile cause. This wasn’t the first time the Humble Bundle community came together for a charitable cause. According to Humble’s website, they have contributed over $155 Million to charity since 2010.

A view of the games that were on sale during the Humble Bundle COVID-19 Charity drive.

A view of the games that were on sale.

In separate statements to Humble, each of the organizations expressed what this charitable act means to them. Doctors Without Borders appreciates the fact that donations like these will make it easier for them to set up emergency programs. Direct Relief called this “a wonderful example of everyone pulling together and doing whatever we can to protect those who are most vulnerable”.

Fundraisers are a great example of what the gaming community can do if they come together towards a common goal. There’s no better cause to come together to fight against than one that threatens life as we know it like.

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