Huge update is out for Shadowgun DeadZone

MADFINGER Games Launch New Maps, Level Cap Increase, Private Servers, and More for Shadowgun DeadZone.

Huge update is out for Shadowgun DeadZone
Brno, Czech Republic, December 20th, 2016

Everyone’s favorite mobile shooter is about to get even better when MADFINGER launches today’s update for Shadowgun: DeadZone. Packed with new maps, a brand new private server feature, in-game chat, a level cap increase, and overall engine improvements, it’s a meaty update just in time for the long holiday weekend. 

“Shadowgun: DeadZone” remains one of our most beloved properties. And while our fans wait for the upcoming Shadowgun Legends, we wanted to make sure players had plenty to do in DeadZone.” said Studio Founder, Marek Rabas. “It’s a labor of love to make these new maps, and to give players some long-requested features like private servers and the in-game chat. Plus the engine improvements make for an overall better gameplay experience for everyone.” 

Just what all is new in the bestselling multiplayer shooter? 

New Maps

  •       The new deathmatch map – Power Hub

  •       New Zone Control map – Mobility. 

Private Servers!

Set up your own game with the team you want, map you want, game mode you want and rules you want! 

In-Game Chat

Collect your friends and chat away! Messenger is overrated anyway. 

Level Cap Increased

Climb the ranks and reach for the stars, cupcake. 

Engine Upgrade

Minor graphical updates as well as laying the groundworks for upcoming update introducing User Generated Content! (More on this to come!) 

Other Added Improvements

  • 60 FPS across all devices

  • Steady fire-rate

  • Improved projectile traces and explosions rendering

  • Various gameplay related fixes

  • Improved gamepad support

  • NAT64 support

So what are you waiting for? Download the update on Android and iOS today, and get back into the fight, soldier!

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