Huge Update For Game of Dice Celebrating 2nd Anniversary

Developers, Joycity, have announced a 'huge update' for Game of Dice to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. New features, including a brand new map, will bed added to the game in the update. In addition, a new matching system will be added to the game as well various gifts such as six goods upgrades.

Huge Update For Game of Dice Celebrating 2nd Anniversary
First of all, the update brings a new map, Theatre of Fate. In this map, user can choose one of two Tarot cards. Defense Tarot card will give benefits to the ally, and Attack Tarot card will give disadvantage to the enemy. Since user choose Attack or Defense, user can use several effects like Toll UP, Take random city, Pause, and summon random property. Also curtain call system will give a suspense in the game by increasing toll 50% every turn.

Outside of that, existing matching system will be fixed. Rank system will be newly added and match by player’s current JOY. Also, Lab is added. User can play with an AI by choosing character, skill card, good, and dice him/herself. On the other hands, Guild Safe house has been added where Guild can communicate and have fun together. Game of Dice will be holding various events starting after updates. First, all log-in users will get Marionette Skill Card during event. Also User who finishes new guide mission till 26th, can get ★6 2nd season card pack.

Game of Dice (released at October, 2015) is a famous mobile game that reached 10 million downloads include Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Especially, 1st place in both market in HK, selected as ‘2016 Best Game for both market’ and ‘Best Game for Facebook Gameroom’. 

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