Horizon Zero Dawn sales surpass 10 million copies

Two years following its release into the wild, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Guerilla celebrated this milestone by sharing some interesting tidbits behind the game's development—some that were born out of necessity, others by happenstance.

Horizon Zero Dawn sales surpass 10 million copies
On the second anniversary of its release Thursday, Horizon Zero Dawn sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Guerilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst took to the PlayStation Blog to celebrate this tremendous milestone by sharing some fanart and cosplays players sent to his team as a show of appreciation for the game, and shared some fascinating tidbits behind its development.

For example, Aloy's facial model was inspired by Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra, who conversation director Jochen Willemsen saw on TV while he was cooped up at home with the flu. Baby Aloy's coos and giggles were performed by the three-month-old daughter of Guerilla's music supervisor/senior sound designer Lucas von Tol, who captured her playful sounds by setting up his recording equipment near her playpen. And during the gameplay prototyping phase, Thunderjaw was originally designed like a LEGO dinosaur, with each color-coded brick representing the parts of the machine that could be targeted or shot.

All the efforts Guerilla put into Horizon Zero Dawn clearly paid off, and the 10 million copy milestone showed.

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