Horizon MMO Reportedly in Development

A brand-new MMO set in the world of Sony and Guerrilla Games' Horizon series is rumoured to be in development. Korean studio NCsoft is reportedly working alongside Guerrilla Games to develop the game. The project is still in early development and more details may not be seen for some time.

Horizon MMO Reportedly in DevelopmentThe world of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Forbidden West may be expanding and opening up into MMO territory, if a recent report is to be believed. This report (posted on Korean news outlet MTN) states that Sony and Korean developers NCsoft have entered into a partnership to create new games. Or, as translated from Korean, they have “tentatively agreed to pursue a business partnership in which NC will create new games using Sony’s IP”.

The IP in question is, of course, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series. It appears the game is in the very early stages of development, if work has even begun on it at all. But considering the successes of Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, expect plenty of time and resources to be put into this project. Especially as Sony is pushing to release more multiplayer and live-service games.

NCsoft is best known for publishing the Guild Wars series, but also develop a number on in-house Korean online games. So, it certainly appears they are a top choice to bring their own vision to Horizon’s world. As to what players can expect, nothing has been revealed so far. But it is to be assumed that the maps from both games will be stitched together and expanded in order to accommodate so many players at once. And, naturally, the various tribes and giant robot dinosaurs will make their return for players to side with and hunt.

There will likely be plenty of machines to hunt in this upcoming MMO.

There will likely be plenty of machines to hunt in this upcoming MMO.

To add fuel to the fire, a Sony site in Amsterdam, home of Guerrilla Games, has posted a number of job listings on its site. These include a senior producer for “a well-known IP”, as well as a senior product manager, and a Korean translator. All appear to be pointing towards the same thing.

But, this MMO is not the only Horizon game rumoured to be in development. Apparently, a remake of the first game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, is on its way, as well as a separate Horizon multiplayer game. Though, similarly, little to no details have been provided regarding these two projects so far.

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