Hollow Knight: Silksong new trailer and release info

After waiting for 3 years, Microsoft has released new Silksong release info, and even a new, spectacular Silksong trailer. Hollow Knight fans will be happier than ever, as the game looks pretty promising and is coming very soon to XBOX, PC, and Switch

Hollow Knight Silksong new trailer and release infoIn the latest Xbox-Bethesda showcase, Microsoft decided to release a whole bunch of exciting new games, trailers, and information. However, the new Hollow Knight: Silksong trailer release was one the most exciting ones and, arguably, the most expected.

Fans had been waiting for over 3 years since Team Cherry officially announced the game at 2019’s E3. Well, now it is almost here and it’s looking very good: the game’s evolution has been amazing, as fans could see in Silksong’s gameplay trailer. 

Silksong’s trailer

The new Silksong’s trailer is the first we have seen since 2019 when the developers released the reveal trailer. Fans have been waiting to see new information about the game since, and never received any. Expectations have been rising, but as the trailer was released, few fans (if any) were disappointed.

Hollow Knight: Silksong - Xbox Game Pass Reveal Trailer - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

(Silksong trailer by Xbox on YouTube)

The trailer shows Hornet, the game’s protagonist in a new, undiscovered world full of new enemies. Yet, it shows a lot more than that. We can see how the game is going to be based on Hollow Knight, but it’s going to be different; the platforming is more advanced and intense, there are new battle mechanics and items and Hornet has new abilities we don’t know about. Then, it also shows a lot of new, terrifying bosses, beautiful new world segments, and a lot of acrobatics. The gameplay is smooth and fast, the environment is beautiful and the enemies and bosses look pretty powerful.

Silksong’s release info

Now, the impressive Silksong trailer is not the only thing Microsoft has released, as they have stated a lot of new important information about Silksong’s release. During the showcase, we learned that the game will be available on day 1 of release in the Xbox game pass. As such, all game pass users will be able to play since the day of release for free.


Furthermore, and almost more importantly, Microsoft stated that the game will be released somewhere within the next 12 months. So, it could release tomorrow, next week, next month, or in 2023. Yet, at least fans know when they will be able to play the game they have been waiting for.

However, the important thing is that the game is coming and is coming soon. Although it will be released on Xbox, PC (Windows, MAC, and Linux), and Nintendo Switch (sorry PS players, that one’s rough). We will have to wait to see if Team Cherry releases the game on Play Station, even if they did so with the original Hollow Knight

The new Silksong trailer was released with high expectations but with great reviews, now it will be released within the next year, but fans want it now

The new Silksong trailer was released with high expectations but with great reviews, now it will be released within the next year, but fans want it now

Fans may see more game trailers coming soon as the game approaches release, and hype probably won’t stop growing. Yet, fans will have to wait and see when exactly the game releases and how is it when it’s released. 

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