Hokko Life Coming to PC and Consoles on September 27th

It's just been announced that Hokko Life, a game similar to Animal Crossing, will be officially releasing on PC and consoles on September 27th. For more than a year, Hokko Life has only been available in Early Access on Steam, but now it will be getting a full release on multiple platforms, as well as physical releases for the Hokko Life console editions.

Hokko Life Coming to PC and Consoles on September 27th

Hokko Life, a relaxing casual simulation game that has been in Early Access on Steam, is finally getting an official release date. Not only that, but it will also be coming out on console. Hokko Life on both console and PC has been given an official release date of September 27th, and will be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. On PC via Steam, on September 27th, the game will officially leave Early Access as it gets its full release. The Hokko Life console editions will also be getting physical releases. 

Hokko Life is one of those games that you can compare to Animal Crossing in relation to gameplay and style, particularly New Horizons. The game is set in the titular village of Hokko, and it’s up to you to help it grow. You will take over the local workshop and be able to craft items, with a detailed crafting system with every item being unique, being able to choose the colors, fabrics, and even small touches such as the position of a pillow. You’ll also get to share your creations with other players. You can also place buildings for new villagers to move into. It’s not just crafting that you’ll be able to do. You’ll also get to do some farming, growing your own crops and completing villager requests. Other activities include talking to the villagers, catching bugs, and fishing. Having Hokko Life on console (particularly Switch) could make the game a competitor to Animal Crossing.

During its life as an Early Access game, Hokko Life has grown and evolved, with multiple updates. Among these include adding a city center location to go shopping, more items to customize your character, and a system where you earn points to unlock perks for completing activities. With Hokko Life on console, it should be good news for many anticipating players, with the game only being available on Steam in its Early Access period. 

If Hokko Life sounds like the game for you or you want to check it out, it comes out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 27th. Hokko Life console editions will also be available physically.

Hokko Life l Console Announcement Trailer

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