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Hitman Physical Edition Release Delayed

Square Enix have said that the physical release for the episodic Hitman game was originally planned to come out later this year but has now been delayed until early 2017.

Hitman Physical Release Delayed

The new episodic game Hitman comes out tomorrow with a digital release with the physical version originally scheduled for later this year. The physical copy has now been delayed until early 2017.

Square Enix originally announced that the disc version of the game would be coming late 2016 as the complete version of the episodic game. There has been no comment given about the reason for the delay, and does this could suggest that the later episodes have a chance of also being delayed.

The first episode comes out tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC and takes place in Paris. Episode 2, Sapienza, arrives in April. And after that, Episode 3 Marrakesh is out in May, before heading off to Thailand, the United States, and finally Japan.

The game has a multitude of ways to buy the game if you want the digital version. Firstly, there’s the Intro Pack, that includes the prologue and Paris missions, with each extra add on location on top of that ($10). If you’re looking to upgrade having bought a map pack previously, there’s the Upgrade Pack for $50. Or, if you want everything on offer, the Full Experience is can be purchased as a whole. Prices vary across different sites and stores, and there is plenty of choice when buying the game, you will just have to wait until next year for the physical copy.

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