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Hitman celebrates Christmas with Holiday Hoarders DLC

Christmas is about the giving, not the receiving, and IO Interactive have celebrated this sentiment in commendable fashion with a free DLC pack supporting the World Cancer Research Fund charity. Players can now engage in a holiday-themed mission in Paris as the iconic assassin as you hunt down your targets. Happy Holidays!

Hitman celebrates Christmas with Holiday Hoarders DLC
The legendary Agent 47 returns to celebrate Christmas in suitably deadly style with the brand new Holiday Hoarders free DLC, released today.

Players will return to Paris, France to the Palais De Walewska to eliminate a pair of elusive professional thieves. The new mission offers new content including challenges, outfits, holiday-themed items and more. This free DLC is in support of the World Cancer Research Fund charity, an organization aimed at finally finding a cure for a disease that plagues millions of people every year. IO Interactive encourage players to donate whatever they can to the WCRF in support of this cause.

Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at IO Interactive had this to say:

Cancer is something which affects everyone in one way or another at some point in their lives and we at IOI wanted to do something to help raise money for Cancer research. We’re supporting World Cancer Research Fund by giving away some fun free Holiday content to all HITMAN players and we ask you in return if you want to donate to a great cause, to give what you can via www.wcrf-uk.org/hitman

This DLC is free to all players and supporting a noble cause, something which we at Keengamer hope to see more developers do. We encourage you to donate whatever you can to the WCRF and support their amazing work. Holiday Hoarders is available today on all platforms for anyone that owns Hitman.

HITMAN - Holiday Hoarders Trailer

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