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HITMAN Beta starts tomorrow!

The HITMAN Beta launches tomorrow for PS4 for those that pre-ordered the standard game or Collector's Edition. Players will enjoy the prologue of the final game as well as two hits they can replay as long as the Beta lasts. With dozens of ways to take down your target you won't be able to put the controller down!

HITMAN - Beta Launch Trailer (PS4: Feb 12, PC: Feb 19)

HITMAN’s Beta goes live for PS4 tomorrow and for PC on the 19th, but before you start assassinating everyone check out all you will get to do on the HITMAN website. Here you’ll find FAQs, what’s included in the Beta, how to get access to the Beta, when it starts and ends, how to get the code and everything else you might want to know to start off your new career in assassination!

Hitman the killer

The Beta will include the prologue to the finished game as well as two hits that you’ll be able to replay as often as you want for the duration of the Beta. While 2 hits may not seem like a lot of content to some, Hitman fans know there are hundreds of different ways to take down your targets and trying to complete those challenges can keep you on the same mission for hours. Let your creativity show in your assassination methods and let all those crooked politicians and potential terrorists fear your bald head!

The Beta is available to those who pre-ordered a standard copy or Collector’s Edition of HITMAN, which will hit shelves on March 11. While your progress in the Beta will not carry over to the final game, it is great practice for those new to the Hitman series as well as hype for avid Hitman enthusiasts. Whether you are a long-time fan or just getting started, you will have a lot to look forward to.

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