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Hitman 2 October Roadmap Revealed

Hitman 2 celebrates Halloween with an October roadmap full of suitably spooky, murderous hijinks. Completing these new challenges will unlock some deadly weaponry, including an antique lethal syringe & kiwi bird explosive. The creepy capers begin October 3rd with The Riviera Restoration.

Agent 47 gets spooky in Hitman 2's October roadmap

There Are Spooky Goings-On in the Hitman 2 October Roadmap

The Hitman 2 October roadmap is bringing the chills with a Halloween-themed month of escalations, elusive targets & hordes of deadly weaponry to unlock. This month’s content update is a marked difference from the vacation atmosphere of September’s roadmap that introduced a new location, Haven Island. It’s been several months since we’ve had a new elusive target; thankfully, that changes this month with the eerily titled, “The Serial Killer”. Keep in mind that you must own Hitman (2016) to access legacy content. 

Hitman 2 October roadmap is embracing its spooky side

Hitman 2 October roadmap is embracing its spooky side

Included in Hitman 2’s October roadmap is as follows:

  • The Riviera Restoration escalation – October 3rd
  • The Divine Descendance escalation – October 10th
  • The Warlord Legacy Elusive Target – October 11th
  • Trick or Treat Featured Contracts – October 17th
  • Legacy Challenge Pack – October 22nd
  • Halloween Themed Escalation – October 22nd
  • The Serial Killer Legacy Elusive Target – October 25th
  • The Yuuma Tenacity – October 31st
  • The Escalation Illumination – October 31st
  • Uninvited Challenge Pack – October 31st

With all this new content, I doubt Agent 47 will have much time for trick or treating. He will get some cool goodies however, including an explosive kiwi bird, new sedative & lethal syringes & a camouflage printed TAC- 4 jungle machine gun. Agent 47 will also be dressing to kill, with three new suits to unlock. September’s roadmap ended the content promised in the season pass & I was unsure of how Hitman 2 would continue, post season pass. I’m glad to say that my hesitation appears to have been misplaced. The action begins on October 3rd with The Riviera Restoration; as always, I’ll leave you to prepare.  

HITMAN 2 - October Roadmap (Halloween mission and unlocks!)

Hitman 2 is available on PS4, Xbox & PC.

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