Hitman 2 August Roadmap Revealed

There is plenty of new (and old) content coming to Hitman 2 this month. In the Hitman 2 August roadmap, Agent 47 will once again travel around the globe, eliminating targets, both new & familiar. The action begins August 1st with the Simmons concussion escalation.
Hitman 2 August roadmap revealed

Hitman 2 August roadmap revealed

A new month means only one thing to Hitman fans: new content in to sink our teeth into. Agent 47 will be putting his disguise skills to the test in the August roadmap titled “social chameleon.” Coming this month are several escalation contracts, a whopping three legacy elusive targets & a new challenge pack that will unlock a physics-bending briefcase. Owners of the expansion pass will also get a few exclusive goodies.

Hitman 2 August roadmap revealed

Hitman 2 – Everything coming in August

Included in this month’s roadmap:

* The Simmons concussion escalation – August 1st
* The chameleon legacy elusive target – August 2nd
* Best scenario challenge pack – August 8th
* The Batty tranquility escalation – August 15th
* The identity thief legacy elusive target – August 16th
* Cosplay karma featured contracts – August 22nd
* The scarlet deceit escalation – August 22nd
* The smart-casual items pack (Expansion pass exclusive) – August 27th
* The gunrunner legacy elusive target – August 30

August has tons of assassination fun for players to look forward too. It’s a perfect month for those who missed out on some of the elusive targets from Hitman (2016). IO Interactive recently teased Hitman 3, but assured fans that they are still hard at work on creating quality content for Hitman 2. New content starts August 1st; I’ll leave you to prepare. 

HITMAN 2 - Siberia Announcement Trailer

A bit late to the action? Pick up Hitman 2 on PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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