Hipster beards help you survive in new Steam update for ARK

New patch in ARK: Survival Evolved features hipster beards and cool hairstyles. They give you +1 to survival and subtlety, not really.

Hipster beards help you survive in new Steam update for ARK
In an effort to make their game the most content-rich hunk of dino-tainment available, the development dervishes of Studio Wildcard have released an all-new content update today (v255) for the Steam version of ARK: Survival Evolved

This content infusion adds more of the TEK Tier technology that was recently launched, including a complete set of TEK building structures, an impenetrable “TEK Forcefield” which can be dynamically expanded or contracted, and customizable “TEK Autodoors” to complete Survivor’s futuristic new bases. This update also includes not one, not two, not three, but four new creatures! To put icing on the update cake, a new hairstyle and new beard-style have also been added. Ready for a hipster hunter makeover?!

See the new content the patch v255 brings in ARK: Survival Evolved below:

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