Hideo Kojima To Receive BAFTA Fellowship Award

Hideo Kojima is receiving a BAFTA fellowship award for his contributions to the gaming industry. His most recent game, Death Stranding, released in late 2019 to widespread acclaim. The ceremony will take place in London, April 2nd.

Hideo Kojima to receive a BAFTA award

Hideo Kojima is to receive a BAFTA award for his contribution to gaming.

Accredited video game creator Hideo Kojima will enter into an exclusive club, picking up a prestigious BAFTA fellowship award later this year. Kojima will get his award at the 2020 award ceremony on April 2nd at Queen Elisabeth Hall, London. The prize for contribution to video games is relatively new and has had only ten awardees since starting in 2007. In a Twitter post, Kojima shared his good news with the world, while remaining as humble as ever.

Thank you for this precious, Bafta Fellowship award. I am very much honored, and deeply considering that I follow to those predecessors that I highly respect, who contributed creating the current entertainment with movies, television, and video games.

Kojima Will Join Other Titans Of The Gaming Industry 

Kojima is best known as the mind behind Metal Gear Solid, ending his relationship with Konami after the turbulent development of MGS: the Phantom Pain.

Hideo Kojima is best known as the mind behind Metal Gear Solid.

The Metal Gear Solid creator will join other legends of the industry, including Gabe Newell, Peter Molyneux, Shigeru Miyamoto, Tim Schafer, John Carmack, Nolan Bushnell and Will Wright. Rockstar Games also received the award for its collective work of the Grand Theft Auto franchiseThe nominations for all other BAFTA categories will be announced on March 3rd. No doubt Kojima production’s latest game, Death Stranding, will be up for several awards.

Releasing in November last year, Death Stranding impressed and bemused in equal measure. Hideo Kojima spent a lot of time trying to explain how the game was birthing a new genre. Whether it did or not is a question for the future, but it was undoubtedly a unique game with stunningly realistic graphics and an engaging story if a little slow. In our review, we praised the game for being “genuinely different” and pioneering new ideas like the social strand system. If anything, you’ll have never played anything quite like it.

Death Stranding - Launch Trailer | PS4

Death Stranding is available on both physically and digitally on PS4. A PC port is due to release later this year and is available to pre-order

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