Hideo Kojima Says Kojima Productions Will Stay Independent

In a recent podcast episode, Hideo Kojima stated he has received many acquisition offers for Kojima Productions. Despite the "ridiculously high" offers, Kojima has no interest in money and just wants to make the games he wants to make.

Hideo Kojima Says Kojima Productions Will Stay Independent

In a recent episode of his podcast, Hideo Kojima stated that he has no plans to let Kojima Productions be acquired. Despite having many “ridiculously high” offers, Kojima plans to keep his studio independent. 

In the most recent episode of Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure, Kojima declared: “every day I am approached by offers all over the world to buy our studio.”

While he has had many offers for Kojima Productions, he has rejected all of them. Kojima Productions was formed independently after Kojima departed from Konami, citing “clashing ideologies” as his reason for leaving.

During his time at Konami, Kojima was best-known for his work on the Metal Gear franchise. Shortly before his departure, he worked on a new Silent Hill installment, Silent Hills, with renowned horror director Guillermo Del Torro. The duo released the acclaimed “playable trailer”, P.T., as a preview for the project. However, Konami eventually scrapped the project and took P.T. down from the PlayStation store.

The reason Kojima continues to turn down the onslaught of offers is simple: “I want to make what I want to make.” Kojima went as far as to state that he will likely never in his lifetime offer Kojima Productions up for acquisition. One huge plus in staying independent is that Kojima can execute his vision fully. It is unlikely this would be possible with a big publisher looming over the studio. 

While Kojima Productions remains independent, it is confirmed Hideo Kojima is currently working on an unnamed project with Microsoft. While not yet confirmed, it is highly likely a Death Stranding sequel is also in the works. 

SOURCE: Brain Structure Podcast

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