Hexterminate enters Steam Greenlight with Reveal trailer

HEXTERMINATE Reveal Trailer & New Screens. Wings of Steel Gives A Glimpse of What It Will Be Like to Conquer The Galaxy In New Space Action Game.

Hexterminate enters Steam Greenlight with Reveal trailer
STEAKSTEAK Games and Wings of Steel are pleased to give a first glimpse of HEXTERMINATE to eager fans with the first ever trailer and screenshots. The new media establishes HEXTERMINATE as an exciting new property with incredible depth, including a perk system, an expansive loot system, and 576 Battle Sectors to conquer.

The trailer shows the thrilling experience of using collected Hex Modules to expand players' ships, and then taking the ships out to battle with competing factions across the galaxy of HEXTERMINATE.  With six enemy factions racing to defend the galaxy from your imperial conquest, pissing off all six factions will result in spectacular space battles as shown in the trailer below:

HEXTERMINATE Greenlight Trailer

HEXTERMINATE, which will be available soon on Steam for PC and Linux, will also feature Steam Workshop Support, over 75 enemy ship configurations, and the ability to hire a fleet of mercenary allies.  The game also features a score of 25 original music tracks composed and performed by Marc Chait – kontinue.

"I'm excited to let players get their hands on HEXTERMINATE," says Lead Developer and Founder of Wings of Steel, Pedro Nunes.  "HEXTERMINATE was built from the ground up in-house, and we have a feeling that our audience is going to love the surprises we've packed into the game.

HEXTERMINATE is a 2D space conquest and looting arcade-style game.  As you conquer the galaxy sector by sector, the metagame does not pause – competing factions continue to claim sectors and challenge your supremacy.  Featuring a Diablo-style loot system and a Skyrim-inspired perk upgrade system, HEXTERMINATE offers an incredible adventure with one reminder: "This Galaxy is Ours."

The Steam Greenlight page for HEXTERMINATE 

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