HEX: Shards of Fate – TCG with $100,000 TOURNAMENT?

HEX: Shards of Fate - TCG with $100,000 TOURNAMENT?

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HEX: Shard of Fate is still in its beta but the PvP part of the game is pretty solid. More than 600 cards create a lot of possibilities how to beat your opponent. Or be beaten. In-game tournaments are working and you can choose from several types. From single elimination to Swiss rules. 

Recently the game got a huge update with PvE Front Ring Arena where you can fight against AI, collect PvE cards, equipment and enjoy the game in a little bit different way than just PvP. It's visible that vast majority of players are fighting against bosses because the time needed for tournament to start has increased. And the price of cards on Auction House got more expensive because of the bigger demand. 

That is good for the community. But what's next? The developers want to get deeper in the mind of TCG players and for this year the is going to be a big tournament with $100,000 price. That is quite a lot of money don't you think? That's why Gameforge and HEX Entertainment have partnered up to be able to cover the cost. We still miss details but all registered players that play in the North American and European servers of HEX: Shards of Fate will have a chance to take part in ranked tournaments on a regular basis to earn qualifier points.

If you want to try the game and the draft mode I recommend you to watch this video and all the other lessons from Infam0usne0.

Guide to Drafting Lesson One: The Basics | Hex Shards of Fate

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