Heroes & Generals takes flight with new planes

Pilot, you are cleared for takeoff. Rain fire on your enemies from above the battlefields of Heroes & Generals with the brand new planes included in the Ihlefeld - Warbirds and Tail Gunners update, which adds a new class of aeroplanes equipped with tail guns, letting you and your friends fight off the forces of evil together!

Heroes & Generals takes flight with new planes
Take to the skies in the latest Heroes & Generals update with brand new reconnaissance planes. Become the reaper in the skies, cutting down swathes of Axis scum or pushing back the Allied invaders.

Ihlfeld – Warbirds and Tail Gunners adds three new planes, each with a new explosive ammunition type for use against light vehicles and groups of infantry. All planes now have adjusted hitpoints and collision models to make dog fights more fun. Planes are now easier to shoot at, but pilots harder, meaning the lucky headshot on the pilot is now a much harder feat to achieve. In addition to these changes and more, there is now a 'Dedicated Support Gunner' role for Pilots and Tankers, which allows them to deploy as a Support Gunner on either a Reconnaissance Plane or Tank. There are many many more changes with this update which can be read in the patch notes.

This update adds a new frontier to the horror of World War 2, adding even more depth into one of the most gritty and realistic WW2 shooters on the market today.

You can download and play Heroes & Generals for free on Steam

Heroes & Generals - Highlights: 'Ihlefeld - Warbirds and Tail Gunners' update

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