Heroes & Generals gives discounts, gifts & more this Easter

Heroes & Generals, the free to play World War 2 First Person Shooter, rewards players with Easter discounts and ushers in new ones with Basic Training, finally giving new players the means to learn the game before throwing them into the hell of war.

Heroes & Generals gives discounts, gifts & more this Easter
Heroes & Generals has been taking leaps and bounds recently to become a truly dominant World War 2 shooter. With a large player-base and regular updates, its no surprise the game has proved to be one of the most popular shooters on Steam in recent memory.

Update 1.06 brings Easter to the battlefields of World War 2, namely in the shape of discounts and gifts. As of today, all weapons and equipment have a 50% discount applied to them, making it easier to acquire the weapons you've always wanted for your soldier. This sale ends on Tuesday the 18th of April at 10AM CEST. Furthermore, all players will receive a free Easter Egg, which comes in the form of a voucher. Upon entering the voucher code 'HAPPYEASTER2017' in game, players can claim nine different specialist ribbon boosters that will help soldiers unlock weapon modifications and gain weapon expert ranks much faster. Whilst these discounts and offers may not fully tackle the recent community outcry related to microtransactions within the game, it will offer dedicated players a way to shorten the length grind, if only temporarily.

Along with these discounts, developers Reto-Moto have added a Basic Training mode into the game. As someone that picked up Heroes & Generals and went in blind, the game was definitely in need of this. A lot of in-game elements are barely explained and can be quite a task for new players to learn. This Basic Training mode will add a task system to support tutorials, of which there are two sets of Combat and two sets of Tactical tutorials. Furthermore, Tutorial Bots have been added into the game. Players without a Bronze Matchmaking rank will team up with humans and bots to face against a team of AI Tutorial Bots, in a similar vein to early Paladins matchmaking. Players with a Bronze Matchmaking rank though, will always play with and against other humans.

Full patch notes of Update 1.06 can be found on the official developer blog.

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