Heroes Evolved – watch the World Championship

Heroes Evolved World Finals Begin. The Heroes Evolved world championship began this week held in Fuzhou, China to a huge audience and Star Trek themed arena.

Heroes Evolved - watch the World Championship 
December 16th, 2016 – When the global tournament was held late October, thousands of players competed but only one team made it through. Team C was flown, all expenses paid, to China to represent North America and compete for a grand prize, just short of $300,000 USD. Bringing the amount issued of monies issued by Heroes Evolved tournaments, to around $2.15 million USD!
The arena is themed after the USS Enterprise, from the cult show Star Trek. CBS gave permission and it will definitely be remembered in eSports history. Bringing teams from North America, China, and Southeast Asia is an indicator of how far Heroes Evolved has reached.
During the event, professional players will also be demonstrating the mobile version of Heroes Evolved, available in the US soon. Watch the 4-day competition streamed from one of the most impressive arenas ever made for eSports, just follow the links below.

The championship is available on the following Chinese platforms:

Read more on Heroes Evolved via the official blog.      
Heroes Evolved on Steam and Facebook.

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